Volunteers Week Celebrations


Volunteers Week Celebration 2018

Early in June we celebrated Volunteers Week and to mark the occasion we organised a get together with food and drink in a local pub to thank those who have volunteered with us over the last year.  The event was well attended and enjoyed by all. Many of our volunteers have been with us for a number of years and some have joined us more recently.

One of our volunteers who has been with us for a while told me about some of the benefits she experiences from her volunteering. She said

The elderly ladies I have visited all came to the Ealing area from other countries, and I have found that our conversations have given me a fascinating insight into their past experiences which I really appreciate. I would never have learned about these things had I not met them through my VLS visiting.    Sue

Another volunteer who joined us about six months ago said the following about his volunteering

The 95-year-old gentleman I visit is a quip-a-minute marvel, and has a wealth of humorous anecdotes dating back to his army-service years in North Africa and Italy. I’m so fortunate to have him as my befriendee and to have the unparalleled support of the superb Volunteer Link team.   Richard

These words are from just two of our volunteers saying some of the things that they get from their volunteering, and there is so much more! Is befriending a lonely and isolated person in their home through Volunteer Link, something you might consider? Our next available training courses will be in September and October. Please let me know if you would like to apply to join us. Ring Bridget on 020-8434-3635 or email at volunteering@volunteerlink.org.uk