Why spend time Volunteering with all the other things there are to do?



These days we have more choice than ever about how we spend our leisure time. There seem to be many more leisure activities available than there were a generation ago. For example the internet now tells us about social events happening near where we live and there are so many more pastimes than there used to be. As I google what I could do in London this evening, Enigma quests and flight simulator experience are just two of the suggestions!  Also, short breaks travelling abroad are easier and cheaper than they used to be. Not to mention the varied hobbies that people have these days, everything from tracking your family ancestry to high risk pursuits such as skydiving.

Yet our 92 volunteers are living proof that they, at least, still find time to fit a couple of hours of volunteering into their lives each week despite the temptation of other activities. Maybe this is because through their volunteering with Volunteer Link they are connecting with another person directly and they can see first hand that they are making a huge positive difference to the life of that person. Other activities just don’t seem so satisfying. Of course our volunteers fit other activities in as well but they ensure that they make time for their volunteering.

These are exciting times for Volunteer Link as we have recently started a new project called Linked Minds which provides befrienders for people who have mental health problems. We also have a project to support people who have early and mid dementia. So including our regular Volunteer Befriender role, we now have 3 volunteer roles for you to choose from.If you would like to prioritise giving your time to someone who is lonely or isolated please email me at volunteering@volunteerlink.org.uk and it would be great to have you on board. We have new Volunteer Induction training courses coming up in November. Hope to see you there!