Many people experience isolation as they get older. For those without family close by, the weeks can go by without them leaving the house or seeing anyone.

People may be isolated because of a physical or sensory impairment, or maybe because of a mental health problem. It may be that they are unable to leave the house as they are a carer for someone else.

We are here to reduce isolation and loneliness among those who have no one else.

After you’ve taken care of the people closest to you, would you consider leaving a gift in your will to help us continue this vital support?

Your gift would help us to:

-Recruit and train more volunteers

-Ensure we reach those who are most isolated and in need of our support

-Develop and widen our services so we can help more people

Making or amending a will is easy to  arrange with the help of a solicitor, and needn’t cost a lot of money. Your loved ones must come first, but once you’ve looked after those closest to you, leaving a gift to The Volunteer Link Scheme could make a very real difference.

You can visit the Remember a Charity website to find out how to leave a gift to charity when making a Will: Remember a Charity

We are incredibly grateful for every gift that people include in their Wills. Whatever you’re able to leave will help create opportunities to end loneliness and isolation.

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