New Year New Plans


December can be a time for looking back over the past year and ahead to the new one. What things have we achieved? What plans have come to fruition? What has not gone so well? What are our hopes and dreams  for the year ahead? What is the best use of our valuable time?  How can we help others? These might be some of the questions that we ask ourselves.

So, as part of our planning for the new year we might get to thinking – how can I make a positive impact on the life of  someone who really needs it? Although we may feel at times that the world is full of problems and we are powerless to help, as individuals we can make a positive difference to the lives of others.

If you want to help someone, therefore, why not consider becoming a volunteer with us? Volunteer Link matches volunteer befrienders  with lonely,  isolated and housebound people who are in need of regular companionship, and they visit on a weekly basis, giving the person much needed time and attention. Our volunteers say they find it thoroughly rewarding and gain a lot from getting to know someone who has usually had an interesting life. Often they say that the stories they hear of times gone by are endlessly entertaining. In addition, they have the satisfying feeling that they are helping someone in their local community.

More and more people are living isolated and lonely lives and a regular visitor each week can make the world of difference to them.

Are you considering your priorities for 2018? If so, how about dedicating just a couple of hours a week to make the life of an isolated person happier and more positive. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at or ring us on 020-9434-3635.  We’d love to hear from you.