Are You Making Holiday Plans?

Now we are into another new year, you, like me, might be starting to make holiday plans for the year ahead. During the cold, dark Winter months, it can be especially consoling to make holiday plans for the year, to start booking trips away, researching where you are going to visit and planning an itinerary. It’s great to anticipate your holidays and it means you can start enjoying the experience right away. 

Spare a thought, however, for a lonely and isolated person who does not have this pleasure. They may be confined to their home and will also experience the cold and dark Winter months, but unlike you, won’t have the joy of holidays and trips away to look forward to because they cannot leave their home easily. Perhaps they don’t have anyone to travel with anyway, as they may be short of family and friends.  

Now think about what a positive difference you could make to the life of such a person. You wouldn’t be going on holiday with them, but by volunteering with Volunteer Link you could visit and spend time with them, giving them a break from their own company. They are likely to want to know about your holidays, and plans for the year, even if they don’t have any of their own. Perhaps if they hear about these it might remind them of their own holidays in the past, and they would enjoy telling you about them. You might like to hear about their experiences, perhaps getting ideas for yourself. 

If you are interested in visiting an isolated and lonely person who has difficulty in leaving their home, please consider volunteering with us at Volunteer Link. Volunteer Befriending can be hugely rewarding and enjoyable and we have a waiting list of clients who would love to have visits from you. We work throughout the London borough of Ealing. Our next Volunteers Induction training will be on Saturday 2nd March either at Boundary House or a venue nearby in Hanwell.  For more information email the Volunteer Coordinator on  We would love to see you there.

The Joy of Christmas Shopping

It’s that time of year again, when, for most of us, love it or hate it, Christmas shopping beckons with all those things we need to buy to ensure we and our loved ones have a perfect Christmas. It can feel like a real chore. Especially when the weather is cold, dark and wet and perhaps we are feeling tired and have low energy as the year draws to a close.

But imagine how it would be if you couldn’t get out to the shops to get the things that you need, and you didn’t have a clue how to do online shopping and you didn’t have a computer or internet connection anyway. On top of that you keep hearing all the time – on the tv, the radio, in the newspapers about Christmas, what other people are doing and the preparations they are making. Perhaps you haven’t even got anyone to buy a present for anyway and you are going to be spending Christmas day quite alone, like most of your other days.  On top of that you can’t do very much except watch tv which is telling you constantly about the big event that you will be missing out on.

This is how life is for many of our lonely and isolated clients, and together with cold and dark days it can mean that this time of year is even more difficult than usual.

If you think about it then, your extra shopping for Christmas is not such a big deal. And aren’t you lucky being able to go out and about, as and when you please, without giving it a second thought? How about making a positive difference to the life of someone who doesn’t have this luxury by volunteering with Volunteer Link? You would be spending up to two hours per week with someone who is lonely and isolated and has few visitors. Our volunteers can be lifelines for our clients.

Our next Volunteers Induction training is on Wednesday 16th January, 9.30 am to 3 pm at a venue in Hanwell. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator on for more details.